Calendar of activities

A1. Specialized research
O2 – Study on best practices on zoonoses interventions
Period: 01.2017-05.2017
The aim is to provide examples of information about ongoing programs & actions being taken to identify the most important needs in dealing with zoonoses interventions
Leader: P8

A2. Developing a guide of main disease transmitted from non-human animals to humans
O3 - Guide of malaria & dirofilariasis
Period: 05.2017–08.2018
The aim is to develop a guide that will include ways on how to identify, monitor & control malaria & dirofilariasis.
Leader: P1

O4 – Videos capturing zoonoses bio-manipulation
Period: 05.2017–08.2018
The aim is to go beyond the stage of production of theoretical educational resources & develop support audio-visual educational materials, capturing the bio-manipulation of the diseases in simulation centers
Leader: P1

A3. Processing the videos from a linguistic point of view
O5 – Medical communication linguistic resources
Period: 11.2017–12.2018
The aim of this activity is to convert the videos into language & medical communication learning materials for 6 languages
Leader: P4

A4. Creating an Open Education Resource
O6 – Open Online Courses on zoonoses & VET linguistic fields
Period: 03.2018–12.2018
The aim is to create 2 open online courses: course on malaria & dirofilariasis & language course for the veterinary medical field in/for 6 languages
Leader: P4

A5. Developing a Training Kit & Piloting
O7 – ZOE Kit
Period: 11.2018–07.2019
The aim is to introduce the newly created resources in the current teaching & medical world continuous learning & professional development activities
Leader: P4

A6. Developing a Pedagogical Guidelines & Piloting for teaching/learning of children
O8 - Handbook of pedagogical guidelines on health education
Period: 08.2018 – 08.2019
The aim is to transfer the knowledge about zoonoses to the general public and mainly to teachers and children aged 6-12
Leader: P3

A7. Synergies between the human & non-human medicine
O9 – Protocol on epidemiological monitoring & disease control in public health practice
Period: 05.2018 – 08.2019
The aim is to promote inter-sectorial collaboration between human doctors & the veterinary field by creating for the human medicine an epidemiological protocol
Leader: P2

A8. Configuration of the ZoonosesOnlineEducation IT tool
O10 – ZoonosesOnlineEducation IT tool
Period: 12.2016–08.2019
The aim is to develop an IT tool to act as a repository of educational resources on the fields of zoonotic diseases study, medical, pedagogical, linguistic & raise awareness intervention
Leader: P10